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Tabular display of OSPF external routes

I was testing OSPF external routes recently and wanted to have a comprehensive display of OSPF type-5 LSAs (not the too-verbose information IOS generates), so I created a Tcl script that displays type-5 (external) LSAs from the OSPF database in a tabular format. You can download it from my web site (installation instructions are included in the Tcl source). Here is a sample printout from one of my lab routers:
External OSPF routes for OSPF process ID 1
  Prefix Cost Tag ASBR Forward addr
> 10 E1 1 2000 E1 1
> 5 E2 2 200 E2 2
You can find more Tclsh-related information in the Tclsh on Cisco IOS tutorial. Sample Tclsh scripts are available in the Tclsh script library. If you need expert help in planning, developing or deploying Tclsh scripts in your network, contact the author.
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