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Search IOS documentation with Google

If you like to use Google as your primary search engine, this trick could help you get better search results when you're looking up IOS configuration commands:
  • Use the in your query to make sure you're not getting hits from mirror sites or people writing about Cisco IOS (like myself)
  • Use inurl:ios124 query term (or whichever IOS release you're interested in) to get UniverCD results relevant to the desired IOS release

For example, if you want to look up the show control-plane command, use the query "show control-plane" inurl:ios124 to get four highly relevant hits.


  1. I add cisco search to my firefox search bar.
  2. I use the "" term regularly, but I never thought to use the "inurl:xxx" to find version-specific stuff.

    Keep up the good work.
  3. ... and for my CCIE study process i used very often:

    do search the DocCD online with google.

  4. You can use to create an open search plugin for firefox to automate the search...

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