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After a year

I've started publishing posts on a regular basis about a year ago … and this week you've raced by another milestone: more than 1000 page loads/day (on average; weekdays are more active and weekends are a bit slow). For those of you who like statistics, here's the weekly report …

IOS Hints Weekly Statistics
… and the last few months:

IOS Hints Monthly Statistics


  1. Congrats, Ivan !

    I can *almost* see the headlines: "Microsoft buys a 3% stake on for U$S 400 million"

  2. That is great news! Congrats!
    It seems a lot of people can appreciate a good informative blog.
  3. What a great accomplishment Ivan...It speaks volumes to the content of your posts and the articulate manner in which you explain some advanced topics in a way that attracts a broad audience. Keep Posting !!!

  4. Congratulations!!! Really like your blog!
    And I think you have more readers than numbers say, for example I am using google reader.
  5. Your traffic is growing and growing...
    This is because your posts rocks :D

    Good work bud...
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