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  1. Ivan,

    In my case, the router is running 12.4(12).

    The Cisco Bug ID is CSCsf07232.

    Looks like it's present (and fixed) in a good number of versions.

    Fixed in:
    12.4(11.1)T, 12.2(32.08.29)SRB, 12.4(10.8)T01, 12.2(32.08.11)SX19, 12.2(18.06.05)SXF, 12.2(18)SXF07, 12.4(13.3), 12.4(13.5)T, 12.2(33)SRA04
  2. Thanks a lot for figuring this out for the rest of us. I sort-of gave up on the bug navigator; a lot of the interesting bugs are hidden or have no description :)
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