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The comment made by Xavier sent me searching the Cisco documentation for the scripting tcl low-memory command. While I was not able to find anything useful (even links to some other scripting commands point to nowhere), I've discovered this gem - a great presentation explaining Tcl, EEM, ESM, ERM and Kron. Highly recommended reading :)

Update @ 2009-03-05: fixed the link to the presentation

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  1. Cisco documentation regarding "scripting tcl low-memory" will be enhanced soon ! No ETA yet, but we'll fix it. Cheers.

  2. The scripting tcl low-memory command has been added to the following:

    - IOS command data base

    - Cisco IOS Network Management Command Reference

    - Cisco IOS Scripting with Tcl

  3. I think you link above for this went stale - I found it under a new link:


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