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IP Corner article: Using DNS server on Cisco router

The regular readers of my blog might have wondered in the last few days why I'm focusing so much on the Cisco IOS embedded DNS server. The answer is very simple: I was doing research for my June IP Corner article, Cisco Router: the Swiss Army Knife of Network Services, where you'll find in-depth explanation of what Cisco IOS DNS server can and cannot do, as well as several usage scenarios (including a tip on how to stop unwanted browser ads).


  1. I suppose cisco DNS doesn't support ddns queries to itself from clients
  2. After reading the documentation, I would say "no, it doesn't" ... if you're refering to the DNS extensions that allow the clients to auto-register themselves using a DNS query.

    However, IOS supports upstream enrollment for clients it has served as a DHCP server using either HTTP or DNS. More about that in a future post or article.
  3. Thanks Ivan.
    Could you provide links so I can find out myself about this handy feature.
  4. When asked ddns inurl:ios124 uncle Google returned this document.
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