3 & 5 years ago (April 2012)

Five years ago I was writing about trivial things like continuous pings, booting a 2800-router with an USB image and EEM tricks. Three years ago it was traffic shaping, IOS interface names, OSPF (router ID selection and SPF events) and BGP Route Reflector update groups.

Top-10 most popular articles from April 2007

Continuous ping from a router

Boot a 2800-router with an USB image

Why is the first ping lost?

When is the default-gateway used?

Display top CPU processes on the router

Execute multiple commands at once

Reload a router when ping fails

Changes in EIGRP summary address are no longer disruptive

Executing IOS commands from Tcl shell

Save IOS printouts in a file

Top-10 most popular articles from April 2009

Traffic shaping in Cisco IOS

IOS interface names

Quick tip: Enable SNMP traps

OSPF Router ID selection trivia

Secondary subnets limitation

Quick tip: limit SNMP traps sent to a SNMP server

OSPF router ID selection: all the details

SPF events in OSPF and IS-IS

True or false: MPLS VPNs offer equivalent security to Frame Relay

BGP Route Reflector update groups


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