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New webinar: Cloud Computing Networking – Will It Scale?

Last December I described the technologies that could be used to implement Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds in the Cloud Computing Networking: Under the Hood webinar. In the meantime, I focused on the scalability aspects of these technologies and the need for virtual/physical separation. These topics are described in a sequel to December’s webinar: Cloud Computing Networking: Will It Scale? (register here).

The new webinar is an update session of the previous one, which means that:

  • Everyone attending the original Cloud Computing Networking webinar (or buying its recording) will get automatic access to the materials and recordings of the new webinar when they’re published.
  • Everyone registering for the live session gets immediate access to recordings and materials of December’s webinar.

I’m also assuming that you’ll watch the recording of December’s webinar before attending the live session, so I won’t start with the very basics but assume you’re somewhat familiar with the technologies we’ll be discussing.

If you attended the December’s webinar, you can register for the new session with significant discount; read the discount.txt file that’s waiting for you in the Webinar Materials tab of Webinar Management System.


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