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New DMVPN webinar starts on May 4th

In less than a year since I developed the original DMVPN webinar (now available as a recording or part of yearly subscription), Cisco introduced numerous DMVPN improvements, including better management and scalability features. Most of them are covered in my new DMVPN: New Features in Release 15.x webinar debuting on May 4th.

The webinar will describe the following DMVPN improvements:

Connectivity. IPv6 over DMVPN, spoke-to-spoke DMVPN over NAT and hub-to-spoke QoS.

Scalability. DHCP client on DMVPN spokes, simplified spoke configuration using hostnames, backup NHS and NHS clusters, and tunnel health monitor (including interface state control).

Management. DMVPN logging and DMVPN-related SNMP traps.

I’ve already started developing the content; if you have yearly subscription or have already registered for the webinar, you’ll find early drafts in my Webinar Management System.

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