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Upcoming webinars (2010-07-11)

Date US, Canada,
Europe, Africa,
Middle East
Asia, Pacific
August 25th Data Center 3.0 for Networking Engineers
07:00 (San Francisco), 10:00 (New York), 16:00 (Paris)
August 30th Next-generation IP Services
07:00 (San Francisco), 10:00 (New York), 16:00 (Paris)
September 29th DMVPN: Advanced and Crazy Scenarios
10:00 (Paris), 12:00 (Moscow), 18:00 (Sydney)
Building IPv6 Service Provider Core
07:00 (San Francisco), 10:00 (New York), 16:00 (Paris)
October 13th Market Trends in Service Provider Networks
10:00 (Paris), 12:00 (Moscow), 18:00 (Sydney)
Choose the optimal VPN service
07:00 (San Francisco), 10:00 (New York), 16:00 (Paris)

Changes from the last update

Other webinars in the pipeline

  • Enterprise IPv6 Deployment
  • Embedded Event Manager: Basics
  • Embedded Event Manager: Advanced Topics


  1. Hi Ivan,

    Your upcoming events shows data centre 2.0 in the table and 3.0 on the left side. You might have missed this typo?


  2. Andres Iniesta12 July, 2010 06:33

    Looking at , its 3.0.

  3. Ivan Pepelnjak12 July, 2010 07:30

    Mark, thank you for spotting my typo. 3.0 is correct and here's the full story (it has nothing to do with version numbering):

    When I started writing the description, I used "Data Center 2.0" as a joke on the 2.0-ish hype. However, it turns out that Cisco is already a step ahead of us all promoting Data Center 3.0 (whatever 2.0 was, obviously it was not good enough), so I decided to follow the leaders and renumber.


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