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Building IPv6 Service Provider Core webinar in June

The next Building IPv6 Service Provider Core is scheduled for June 16th and starts 6 hours earlier than the last one. The registration on EventBrite is already opened; just following this link to register.

Davor made a very valid observation in his comment: the last webinar was way too late for East Asia and Australia (I am vaguely aware that the Earth is not totally flat, but forgot to consider the actual time difference between Australia and Europe); the change in start time should make it more manageable for Asia-Pacific engineers to attend.


  1. Not to be a pest, but this page says 6/14 and the sign up page says 6/16. Which is correct?

  2. Ivan Pepelnjak21 April, 2010 08:54

    Stupid me. The correct date is June 16th. Thank you!


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