New webinar pricing

The responses to the “Can you help me fix the webinar marketing?question were quite explicit: it’s too expensive for most people. Several readers indicated that they feel the optimal price would be around $50 (and some off-line respondents told me the original $90 price tag was too hard to expense). As Julian pointed out, “the market is always right”, so I’ve decided to reduce the price for the next webinars to $49.99, including the “Choose the optimal VPN service” on May 11th and the “Market trends in Service Provider networks” on June 2nd.

Obviously, the significantly reduced pricing means we need twice as many attendees to make the webinar financially viable. Let’s hope that the economists know what they talk about when describing price elasticity of demand.


  1. New offered price is like nothing and everyone would like to join you now. Thanks for drastically decrease in price 8-)

  2. Good move - thanks :)


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