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New webinar: Building IPv6 Service Provider Core

When building an IPv6-enabled Service Provider (or large enterprise) core, you have three design options: dual-stack deployment, running IPv6 over MPLS (6PE) or running IPv6 inside a VPN (6VPE). My new webinar, Building IPv6 Service Provider core, describes the principles of all three design options and their comparative benefits and drawbacks. It’s targeted at CCNP/CCIE-level engineers with basic IPv6 knowledge and includes detailed configuration examples and router printouts. After attending the webinar, you’ll get complete router configurations which you can use in your own lab to test the scenarios discussed in the webinar.

If you want to attend this webinar on April 14th, register now (and don’t forget – I’m experimenting with reduced webinar pricing; it would be great if we could prove that it works).


  1. Hi Ivan,
    sorry I missed webinar "trends in SP networks".
    Is it possible to buy "webinar" material, (either in recorded webex-like form, or in pdf printed form per new reduced webinar price?
    It's kinda too much to wait for next SP trends webinar timeslot.


  2. Ivan Pepelnjak11 March, 2010 20:38

    We'll figure out something 8-)

  3. Good to hear :-) Let me know, cause I am interested ...


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