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Registration started for “Market trends in Service Provider networks”

Finally, I’ve got to the point where you can register to one of my presentations: the Market trends in Service Provider networks on February 11th. Based on the poll results, the session will start @ 4PM Central European time (10AM US East Coast, 7AM US West Coast).

You can get an early-bird discount if you register this year.

The presentation has two target audiences. It’s ideal for Service Provider account teams and sales engineers that have to understand the big picture: how buzzwords and technologies they hear about on a daily basis relate to their services.

It will also help enterprise networking engineers that need to have a consistent overview of how Service Provider networks operate today and what their Service Provider suppliers are talking about.

Last but not least, if you’re working for a Service Provider that hasn’t completed the migration to IP+MPLS-over-DWDM backbone, this presentation is a must. As one of my friends said when I’ve asked him about his opinion: “If I am a mid level manager from a traditional SP then yes I would recommend my fellow engineers to attend the workshop. By traditional SP I mean pure Internet routing using legacy TDM/ATM/FR/DSL for connectivity and lacking MPLS in their core. Your presentation would certainly help these tier2/tier3 SPs to get ready and start planning for the next big upgrade.”

I know many of my regular readers are too advanced for this topic, but please do me a favor: spread the word; I’ve made the registration URL very easy to share:


  1. The description of the course is very good and I really don't think so anyone is offering in single bucket all the services. Keep it up, Ivan.

  2. Thanks :) Now you just have to help me persuade X people to register O:-)


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