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6 week online course starting in spring 2017

Service Provider “Services and Solutions” bootcamp

Last week I happened to be copied on an e-mail which included a PDF describing a “SP Services and Solutions” bootcamp I knew nothing about. As I was slowly reading the document, I’ve realized it’s a perfect course for Service Provider (or channel partner) engineers who need an overview of the various technologies used in modern (I hate to use the marketing phrase “next-generation”) SP networks and the ways they can be used to create customer-focused solutions.

My next question (to our training manager) was: “when is this going to be available, I want to blog about it” and the answer astonished me: “we’re doing the first customer teach this week”. Our SP gurus managed to develop a course they always wanted to teach almost undercover.

Read the rest of my thoughts about this fantastic course in Fragments


  1. warning : this blog is an ad vector :-)

  2. Dear Anonymous!

    If you'd have been reading my blog long enough, you would know I never endorse something I don't believe in. Some things are simply worth mentioning :) If, on the other hand, you've attended this course and have been disappointed, please do let me know.

    Continuing in a slightly tangential direction: contrary to popular belief, blog posts do not grow on fortune cookie trees, and the blog authors (unlike other more fortunate life forms) do receive a bill to be paid every now and then ;)

  3. Ivan,

    Let me say, as a longtime lurker, that I really appreciate you and your employer for the blog, and am actually glad to see the targeted "ads" in your posts. If this training were in the US, I'd absolutely want to attend. I'm sure some of my European counterparts feel the same.

    I know that if I'm digging up remote training, I'll hit NIL first. Speaking of which, I cannot find any CCDE prep on the site. Am I overlooking something? I have the written done, but prep for the "lab" would be most interesting.

    Thanks for all the great info and insight!

  4. Hi Ivan, first I would like to thank you for this great blog!

    I've read the new bootcamp outline and I've found it to be very interesting.

    I would like to suggest you an argument I didn't find on the blog nor on the training area: ISP security techniques, such as sinkholes, blackholing and so on... of course, maybe I have not search it in the right way!

    Please, consider my remark as just an idea for your great blog or for your training manager!

    Thank you again

  5. @Anonymous: contact me (or our training department); I'm positive we can organize something in US (we've had an office in California for several years).

    As for the CCDE prep: at the moment the market is simply too small (that's my personal opinion ;).

    @Pierky: Thanks for the suggestion. I wanted to write about blackholing/sinkholing, but found a great document on Cisco's web site (of course I can't find it now) and (astonishingly :) couldn't find much I could add to it.


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