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Another milestone reached :)

According to FeedBurner statistics, my RSS feed had exactly 5000 subscribes on June 30th.

Disclaimer: The Feedburner subscriber count is a notoriously unreliable measure, as it tries to estimate the actual number of subscribers for on-line services that cache the feeds (for example, Google Reader) … but the result is nonetheless quite nice.


  1. Google Reader reports 28 subscribers and 5,1 posts a week.

  2. Simply had to try the Google Reader myself. Here are the stats reported for various URLs through which my RSS feed is reachable:
    (obsolete): 2544 subscribers
    596 subscribers
    (redirect to FeedBurner) 243 subscribers

    And thanks for uncovering another interesting Google Reader behavior (it does not check where the actual feed resides).

  3. One more actually, because I have:

  4. Živjo Ivan,

    One of the most valuable Cisco networking resources irrespectively of the numbers :)

    Cheers, Pete

  5. I keep your RSS as a Firefox "live bookmark", this may not appear in the stats?

  6. @Pete: Nice to hear from someone in my local language ;)

    @Anonymous#2: Feedburner reports 230+ users using Firefox live bookmarks (and only 19 of them use FeedReader like I do). What counts is that your RSS agent periodically fetches the feed.


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