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Video:Small remote site using BGP as PE-CE routing protocol

With everyone (and their cats) having videos on YouTube, the challenge to make a short BGP-related video was simply irresistible. I’ve tried to address the BGP beginners (maybe Cisco marketing would call them BGP associate candidates), as they probably benefit most from the video format (I know I would always prefer reading about a complex topic over watching a video about it). The video is focused on a scenario anyone could encounter: you want to move to an MPLS VPN service and the Service Provider is trying to persuade you to use BGP (which is a very good idea).

The Wiki article contains the scenario description, the video and the final router configurations, or you can watch the video served from Vimeo.


  1. Happy new year, Ivan!!!

    Very good starting! It would be great to watch more videos like this one. Keep in that way ;-)

    Best wishes,
    Danail Petrov

  2. Happy New Year, and nice video. You state: "you want to move to an MPLS VPN service and the Service Provider is trying to persuade you to use BGP (which is a very good idea)." Could you elaborate on this? In my experience this makes things harder to deal with, I would prefer to run OSPF over MPLS. For example, let’s say a company runs OSPF as the IGP throughout the network. If they run BGP on the WAN edge they have to redistribute twice, and they now have External routes in OSPF. Now let’s say the company also has backup T1’s or GRE over ADSL/Cable links. If they run OSPF over them they will be preferred. They could run BGP over the backup links, but now they cannot do DMVPN, and the complexity and convergence time has increased.

    I would love to hear your thoughts/experiences regarding BGP as a MPLS WAN edge protocol.

    Thank you,


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