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Measure the actual end-to-end throughput with NIL monitor

A while ago, when we've decided to offer intelligent network monitoring to our customers, we've evaluated a number of network management systems, finally figuring out that they either lacked the functionality we wanted (most of the customers already run their own Cisco Works or HP OpenView, so we were looking for something more) or required extensive customization. We therefore developed our own software - NIL Monitor. One of its best-selling features is the ability to measure the actual end-to-end throughput of your Internet or MPLS/VPN service, giving you the hard data you need to negotiate the SLA with your Service Provider.

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  1. Just wondering how you're getting the data when the line is not fully utilized? For example if I'm paying for 2Mbps at home, and using 1Mbps all the time, how you can check if the provider is actually able to give me 2Mbps or 1.5Mbps?

  2. We deploy active probes at remote sites.


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