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Not all free services are created equal

During my problems with Blogger poll, the web site I'm using to count visitors also experienced huge problems. Since I've lost only the weekend stats, I didn't even think about opening a ticket or complaining ... but this is what I found when I've logged into their web site today. One could only wish that everyone (including people that charge for their services, like my beloved ISP), would be as honest and responsive as these guys were in this particular instance.


  1. I almost cracked up, laughing my arse off, when I read "The Planet" had their redundant DNS servers on a different subnet, in the same building!

  2. StatCounterJen10 June, 2008 16:37

    Hi Ivan,

    I just want to thank your for your support and understanding in relation to the recent service interruption. We are dreadfully sorry that any of our members were affected by the Planet outage and felt that the least we could do was to keep our members informed.

    All the best!


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