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X.25 is still kicking

The results of the X.25 poll amazed me. I thought X.25 was long dead, but around 10% of people responding to the survey indicated they are still using it (primarily to connect the legacy equipment) and more than half of the respondents had to configure it in the past (I didn't know we were all going so far back :).Obviously some very big networks are still heavy X.25 users, as Cisco has been implementing more and more X.25-related features (primarily in the XOT space) in recent years … if only they would have been available when I really needed them 15 years ago :(.

By now you should be asking yourself “Well, so what's the latest and greatest X.25 feature?” Brace yourselves: 12.4(15)T has introduced support for X.25 accounting and the Call Detail Records (CDRs) are generated as syslog messages.


  1. Old technologies never die, they are just waiting their turn to come back again.

    Consider IPXng, looks a lot like IPv6 to me.

  2. It sure does look like it. If nothing else, than at least the addresses look similar


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